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Ahavat Olam (from the Hebrew prayer meaning "Everlasting Love") is a vibrant congregation devoted to loving G-d and loving one another. We express our love through worship, study and acts of loving kindness. We are proud to be Jewish and, as blessed links in this chain, are honored to preserve and perpetuate our rich Jewish heritage.

Established in 2005, Ahavat Olam's founding spiritual leader is Hazan Rav Danny Marmorstein, Rabbi and Cantor. Danny inspires us through his words, deeds and music. His influence of positive thinking and involvement is evidenced by our congregation's participation in leading services, teaching classes and sharing their passions.

Ahavat Olam is dedicated to upholding the teachings of Torah and embracing all Jews. We also embrace interfaith couples and families, and encourage their full participation in our vibrant community. We are dedicated to Tikun Olam, helping to make our community, our nation, and our world better places in which to live.